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Tenant fees

We are transparent with charges made to tenant's, which are linked to an application for a tenancy and these are summarised below.

  • Single Tenant £200 + VAT
  • Each Additional Tenants £100 plus VAT
  • Guarantor £100 + VAT
  • Company Let £200 + VAT

These charges incorporate all related costs of processing an application for a tenancy including referencing and are payable at commencement of the application process. At any time during the application process should tenants decide not to proceed or fail referencing, then application fees are not refundable.

If a landlord withdraws then 75% of the application fee will be refunded to the tenants. The balance will be retained by Property STOP covering costs already incurred for referencing and processing the application.

Guarantor's fee

Where a Guarantor is required a charge of £100 + VAT per Guarantor is applied. This becomes payable following receipt of the tenant's references and when the Guarantor completes the relevant application form. In the event of the tenancy not being finalised for any reason or the replies to referencing proving unsatisfactory, such charges are not refundable.

We charge tenants £100 + VAT for a tenancy renewal but do not charge fees for inventory reports or check out inspections.

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